Monday, 1 September 2014

Some Important ONLINE Services

Contribution from Wg.Cdr Suresh Karnik

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B1. Birth Certificate

B2. Caste Certificate

B3. Tribe Certificate

B4. Domicile Certificate

B5. Driving Licence

B6. Marriage Certificate

B7. Death Certificate

Apply for:  
B1. PAN Card

B2. TAN Card

B3. Ration Card

B4. Passport

B5. Inclusion of name in the Electoral Rolls

B1. Land/Property

B2. Vehicle

B3. With State Employment Exchange

B4. As Employer

B5. Company

B6. .IN Domain

B7. GOV.IN Domain

B1. Waiting list status for Central Government Housing

B2. Status of Stolen Vehicles

B3. Land Records

B4. Cause list of Indian Courts

B5. Court Judgments (JUDIS )

B6. Daily Court Orders/Case Status 

B7. Acts of Indian Parliament

B8. Exam Results

B9. Speed Post Status

B10. Agricultural Market Prices Online     

B1. Train Tickets Online

B2. Air Tickets Online

B3. Income Tax Returns

B4. Complaint with Central Vigilance Commission (CVC)

Contribute to:
B1. Prime Minister's Relief Fund

B1. Send Letters Electronically

Global Navigation:
B1. Citizens

B2. Business (External website that opens in a new window)

B3. Overseas

B4. Government

B5. Know India

B6. Sectors

B7. Directories

B8. Documents

B9. Forms

B10. Acts

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